22 Sep

Getting Back Into Fitness After Sickness

Any of us can become ill at any time. No matter how well we take care of ourselves or how careful we are, sometimes we can become sick for long periods of time of have severe injuries which keep us bedridden or limited in motion for too long. What happens is not so good because we stop being physically active. Muscles begin to decay, fat begins to accumulate, and the heart gradually weakens. In short, we get out of shape and sometimes rapidly if the illness is severe.

Upon the initial days of recovery, it is time to start getting back into shape. Don’t just jump right out and get a gym membership to go to all-out extreme fitness classes. You have to take it easy in order to recover not only from the sickness but to get back into shape again.

It is best to start with walking. Simple, basic walking is an easy thing to do. If you are wheelchair bound, instead go wheeling manually and get the same exercise benefits. In the beginning, if you are still rather weak, be sure to have someone come along with you to help make sure you get going alright until you can reach a point where you feel good enough to do it on your own.

Gradually increase the distance you walk first and then begin gradually increasing the speed. Next, start to switch up walking routes and find the ones with hills to start giving a bit more of a cardiovascular kick to this simple exercise.

Using walking as a way to get back in shape after long sickness is safe and effective. Exercise walking improves balance, coordination, muscle tone, burns fat, improved heart health, boosts the metabolism, keeps joints healthy, improves mood, relieves pain, and helps you stay fit in an easy way. At first, you may not be able to walk much. Just do what you can and work your way up to many miles a day.