25 Sep

Bags For Your Starting Collection

Looking at starting your own collection of replica designer handbags? Make sure you look into the following bags to get a good start. This list only contains the best handbags of 2016, so you might notice a few iconic classics are missing. This list is purely limited to the best replica designer handbags from 2016.

Balenciaga City Bag

Choose a bright color for your starter bag. The Balenciaga is a bit of a classic, but the 2016 edition sits atop this list for its iconic style. Available in hundreds of colors, you can choose one which suits you, or purchase a range of colors for different outfits.

Bottega Veneta

The Bottega is instantly recognized by fashion followers. It is a nice shoulder bag with a crisscross pattern that makes the design punchy and stylish. It has a more youthful look than other bags on this list.

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Burberry Banner

Burberry is one of those timeless brands that will last the ages. Any starter collection should contain at least one Burberry bag. The neutral tones are the most popular at the moment and will go nicely with a daytime outfit.

Celine Belt

The Celine belt bag is more than just a handbag. The unique design will stand out on anyone’s hip. A great bag for going out to dinner, its dark tones work well with a sleek black dress and high heels.

Chanel Wallet

Chanel wallets are a serious part of every collection. The compact chain bag will keep your items safe and stylish. Plus the Chanel brand is recognized as one of the most luxurious fashion labels on the planet. A collection without Chanel is no collection at all.

Louis Vuitton Alma

Start your collection with a Louis Vuitton. Any Bag will do but the Alma is a great starter bag. This is one of the most popular bags around at the moment. Celebrities like Rihanna are seen with this bag all the time.